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Video is by me’

Video is by me’

Each week solving your love and relationship queries from matters of the heart, to matters of sex, I have spent three years as FIT’s residential sexpert. Our line has broken obstacles and exposed conversations that have been as soon as just talked in whispers.

I am also bringing the column to the video while I will continue to address your queries in my weekly column.

When you yourself have any questions regarding intercourse, sex or your relationship, and require some advice, responses or perhaps anyone to hear you away – compose in to me and I’ll try and ‘sexolve’ it for your needs. Drop in a mail to

Hey Rainbow Man,

I’ve been attracted to threesomes from the time my spouse said she believes this woman is bisexual. I’ve always desired to see my spouse have sex to a different girl so when i’m alone We masturbate to this very often. However when she actually is right right here we don’t have the courage to broach her with that concern. How can we get her to agree?


Interested Guy

Dear Interested Guy,

Let me make it clear that bisexuals aren’t individuals who should be constantly prepared for a threesome. Allow me just assume you will be a heterosexual guy, and you will get attracted to many women because you are a heterosexual man. Continue reading Video is by me’