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Peter: Right.

Peter: Right.

Stephen: So, yeah, it’s not something which other people have actually replicated, it absolutely was perhaps not a straightforward action to take also it’s a purpose of including plenty of value for our financing lovers, but in addition our lending partners being aligned with us when it comes to just what the proper client experience is and I think we’re seeing with a lot of the forward thinking lenders they recognize that this is how the whole world is certainly going. It’s going to a location where consumers can effortlessly access this type of information.

You appear during the UK, they’ve got mandated available APIs for switching checking account…if you open a fresh bank account, right, so that the globe goes in that way and it is the forward reasoning loan providers who will be partnering with us and actually spending early in this kind of evolution which can be actually beginning to get dividends.

Peter: Yeah and so I imagine aided by the wide range of information which you have, you’re going to own an extremely high approval price. When you actually send it well towards the loan provider, we imagine…I don’t know than it would be with one of the other just lead gen sites whether you can share, but I imagine that the approval rates are so much higher.

Stephen: Yeah, i am talking about, I can’t share the particulars, but we’re talking…you’re more or less planning to obtain the price that we show as being a pre-qualification offer unless there’s some additional information that the lender calls for this is certainly kind of dissimilar to that which you had currently disclosed. If you take a like for like kind of new user to close loan, compared to some of the lead gen sites that exist, because we’re spending so much effort, time and we’re really helping a borrower minimize friction in that experience, we’re a multiple of conversion that a typical lead gen site would achieve if they were to partner directly with various different lenders so we have really, really high approval rates, we have really, really high pull-through rates and even. Continue reading Peter: Right.